Saeedah Haque

Saeedah Haque is the British Bengali designer behind the first Nike niqab, the first nike abaya, and the designer of the world’s first street wear abaya brand.

Her work has been featured in American Vogue, Vogue Arabia, and Complex

 Saeedah didn’t receive any traditional fashion training.Her teacher was youtube. Nonetheless, she was able to defeat the odds and her participation in Vfiles’ fashion show gave her an extra step in her journey. But Saeedah didn’t stop here.After her first runway she self funded her brand and decided to pursue her next mission which was to collaborate with Nike and she went the extra mile designing prototypes and pitching them.But Nike declined.

Saeedah Haque documented her whole journey on Tiktok and went on to sell her abayas herself. Her abayas are in such high demand that the last restock lasted less than 5 hours. 

A nike niqab and abaya is more than a nike check on a peice of fabric.It is the manifestation of all the things that were once impossible. It represents the chaos of fashion politics, nay sayers, and the audacity of Muslim Women to defeat the odds.

 And like it says on her website, Saeedah Haque is for the next generation of unapologetic dressers, with a mission to reclaim the narrative of modest fashion.