• gold waist bead

WAIST BEADS | SIKA (1 piece)

 As Black Women in luxury becomes a conversation that the Black community we decided to name this waist bead "Sika." The Sika waist bead is named after "Money" in Twi. Twi is an official language spoken in Ghana which is where our Gold Coast waist bead collection is imported from. In Ghanian and overall West African culture, queens would adorn themselves in heavy beads of gold. You can now get this luxury experience in our beautiful Sika, gold, and orange beaded waist beads.  



More info: 

-If you find that you have a small waist you can even wrap the waist bead twice instead of cutting it!.

-If you decide to adjust the waistbead you can use the remaining string and beads to make bracelets! 

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