I am currently a student at NYU‘s business school studying Business, Technology and Entrepreneurship. I am constantly working to push my small modest fashion brand that started in Newark, NJ into a global brand that will inspire millions of sisters (in Sha Allah) to be unapologetic about their hijab/niqab/jilbab.
 After seeing a younger sister wear her abaya at her middle school. This sister inspired me to wear my jilbab in my sophomore year of high school. Keep in mind I went to a high school where we all wore uniforms. So when I posted me in my jilbabs many sisters contacted me via Instagram about how they were inspired by me. It didn't stop there! These sisters were even interested in buying the jilbabs from me. I was so shocked that sisters were willing to buy the jilbabs so I told my mother. My mother then advised me to start a business and pitch it to my father who invested in the first batch of 300 jilbabs Ouéd Collections has ever sold and much more!
 Me seeing a young Muslimah wearing her abaya proudly inspired me to start wearing the jilbab. The image of me wearing my jilbab inspired other sisters who then motivated me to start Ouéd Collections.
Look at how something so small as an image created a ripple effect that ended up inspiring the creation of a business. An image is truly worth over a thousand words, which is why at Ouéd Collections we are very intentional about having diversity in our models and trying our best to portray authentic hijab.