Cadar Mohamud

Cadar Mohamud is the Somali-Canadian Niqabi behind The Digital Sisterhood podcast. A podcast that quickly took over the world. After just 1 year of launching since 2020 they had over 10 million podcast listeners, won a shorty award, and were at one point number two on the UK podcast charts.

What exactly is TDS? 

Cadar expressed that she created TDS to "serve as a storytelling platform for Black Muslim women. It is a place for their artistic expressions, a place where their intersectionality is celebrated."

TDS is built on 3 pillars digital storytelling, representation and authenticity. But I personally believe that 1 component is the primary catalyst for creating their powerful community of Muslim women and that is empathy. 

I mean look at this video from tiktok. TDS even has the brothers crying.  (This tiktok video contains music so don't forget to mute :))

Cadar said it herself during her interview with buzzfeed. “The whole thing about TDS is that we are driven by empathy..I really believe empathy can save the world."

As Black Muslim women we deal with a society that is constantly attacking our humanity.  And due to these stereotypes we are deprived from the ability to be vulnerable and many Black women internalize that. 

But TDS is creating a space that doesn’t just counter this preexisting narrative of what it means to be a Black Muslim women but TDS is most importantly uniting Muslim women of color.